On This Day, A Family is Born

Since 1993, more than 3,900 families have chosen Birth and Women’s Center for safe, nurturing care. Ours was the first Dallas birth center to be staffed by Certified Nurse Midwives. The center, a 100-year-old home, is nestled among the quaint Victorians of the Swiss Avenue historic district and is only three blocks from a major hospital.

What We Do

Your pregnancy journey should be supported with love, kindness and a sense of empowerment.  Every staff member at Birth and Women’s Center deeply understands this. We are proud to offer an entire staff of midwives, birth assistants, postpartum assistants and office management who can provide an unprecedented level of care, support and experience to our families.

Our Team

Our experienced team members are committed to nothing short of excellence.

CHERIE BOETTCHER, CNMFounder, Certified Nurse-Midwife
Cherie founded Birth and Women’s Center in 1993 after earning a Master’s level certificate in Nurse-Midwifery from the State University of New York. Since its opening, more than 3,900 families have chosen Birth & Women’s Center for safe and nurturing care. Prior founding the Center, Cherie practiced as a home birth midwife for 13 years after working as a Registered Nurse in both Pediatrics and Labor & Delivery.
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AMY TATE, GSMGraduate Student Midwife
Amy has worked in supporting women as a doula, birth assistant and lactation counselor for over 20 years, having attended births since she was a young girl. She and her brothers were born at home. Her mother taught child birth classes for a midwife in Austin in the early 70’s, so birth has been a natural part of life for as long as she can remember.
Amy’s lifelong passion drew her back to midwifery…
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Debbie deeply supports and celebrates a mother’s freedom to choose her own experience with childbirth. After two difficult hospital births, she sought midwifery care and delivered four children with Cherie! Debbie provides our families with quiet, steadfast support. She loves to make them feel at home and to create a peaceful environment that is conducive to the family’s choice. Debbie started working at the Center in 1994, so we are quite confident in saying she is our Sixth Sense. Patients often refer to her as an angel.

BRITTANY CLAYPostpartum Assistant
Brittney will inspire your inner lioness. She is passionate about empowering our moms to begin their parenting journey by listening and trusting their instincts, reminding them that they have all it takes to be their baby’s best mom. She actively listens and takes to heart what each mother needs. She is a strong breastfeeding advocate and is a mother to four children. In 2005 she was one of the La Leche League leaders and joined the Birth & Women’s Center in early 2016.



LORI BENTLEYOffice Manager & Insurance Liaison
Lori is as cheerful in the office as she might be on a perfect summer day; she is our daily dose of sunshine. In 2013 Lori joined the Birth & Women’s Center as a PostPartum assistant. Since 2015 she joined the Birth Center full time as our office manager. Lori loves to take care of our patients, whether it is working with insurance and financials, or scheduling postpartum appointments, she is here to engage and work with you throughout your journey. She is the proud mother of four, fabulous boys.

Sarah is an efficient and faithful assistant to the ladies of the Birth & Women’s Center. She is passionate about labor, delivery and natural childbirth at the Center, and is a happy helper in the back office, front office and all areas in between. When she’s not here you can find her chasing after her daughter and twin boys – who were all born right here at the Center!


Birth & Women’s Center Accolades


Best Birthing Center 2015


DFW Child Best for Moms & Babies

Best Birthing Center 2016

DFW Child Best for Families: Moms & Babies


Stats at a Glance

Area hospitals report greater than 50 percent Cesarean rates and over 90 percent epidural rates.
Compare this to the mothers who achieve their goals of having unmedicated and uncomplicated births at the Birth & Women’s Center,


Families have given birth at the Center


Since 1993, 3,900 families have chosen to give birth at the Center.

7 - 10%

Hospital Transfer Rate


7 to 10 percent of our mothers have been transferred to Baylor for physician care.

< 5%

Resulted in Cesarean


Of more than 3,900 Birth Center families, less than five percent have resulted in Cesarean birth.


Infant Transfers


Only one percent of newborns have been transferred to Baylor for special care.

“The Birth Center was the most intimate, timeless, and peaceful way to welcome our children. Cherie gave us the confidence and support to know I could achieve the experience of my dreams, my own personal Everest.”

“They will always be a part of this family because they helped build this family with their love!”

“I wish I would’ve known about this place for my first baby because the hospital was not the best place for us! I would recommend Birth and Women’s Center. The staff is very attentive and amazing, so different from a hospital. I can’t wait to come back again!”

How you approach birth is intimately connected with how you approach life.