Amy Tate, GSM

Amy has worked in supporting women as a doula, birth assistant and lactation counselor for over 20 years.  She and her brothers were born at home. Her mother taught child birth classes for a midwife in Austin in the early 70’s, birth has been a natural part of life for as long as she can remember, having attended births since childhood. Amy’s lifelong passion drew her back to midwifery after many years as a Business Manager. She has worked at Birth and Women’s Center part time for 10 years and completed her Midwifery training at Birth and Women’s Center this year.

Amy is the mother of 4 boys, all born naturally, two at home and two at Baylor. She recognizes that all women should have the chance to have the birth they desire. It is Amy’s goal to help women feel empowered through their birth experience.

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“I had my first baby here back in September and can’t speak more highly of the experience my husband and I got to have. Cherie and Anna, the certified nurse midwives, are amazing… Anna was the midwife on call when I came down with mastitis and didn’t want antibiotics so she worked with me over the course of a couple days, giving me every trick in the book she could think of to get it under control.”

“I had an excellent experience at the birth center. The labor process stands out as a key moment in my life and I felt like my midwife was simply with me on the journey, helping it be the best it could be.”

“This is a sacred place! I cannot imagine bringing a child into the world in any other environment, there is no other place where I’ve felt such strength in being a woman as I have here.”

The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because it is you