On This Day, A Family is Born

Since 1993, more than 4,100 families have chosen Birth and Women’s Center for safe, nurturing care. Ours was the first Dallas birth center to be staffed by Certified Nurse Midwives. Today, we proudly offer graceful care in your own home by a CNM with over 25 years experience.

What We Do

Your pregnancy journey should be supported with love, kindness and a sense of empowerment. We proudly offer services from a Certified Nurse Midwife who provides an unprecedented level of care, support and experience to our families.

Our Certified Nurse Midwife

Cherie’s passion and commitment to midwifery is nothing short of excellence.


CHERIE BOUCHER, CNMFounder, Certified Nurse-Midwife
Cherie founded Birth and Women’s Center in 1993 after earning a Master’s level certificate in Nurse-Midwifery from the State University of New York. Since its opening, more than 4.100 families have chosen Birth & Women’s Center for safe and nurturing care. Prior founding the Center, Cherie practiced as a home birth midwife for 13 years after working as a Registered Nurse in both Pediatrics and Labor & Delivery.
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Stats at a Glance

Area hospitals report greater than 50 percent Cesarean rates and over 90 percent epidural rates.
Compare this to the mothers who achieve their goals of having unmedicated and uncomplicated births at the Birth & Women’s Center,


Families have given birth at the Center


Since 1993, 3,900 families have chosen to give birth at the Center.

7 - 10%

Hospital Transfer Rate


7 to 10 percent of our mothers have been transferred to Baylor for physician care.

< 5%

Resulted in Cesarean


Of more than 4100 Birth Center families, less than five percent have resulted in Cesarean birth.


Infant Transfers


Only one percent of newborns have been transferred to Baylor for special care.

“The Birth Center was the most intimate, timeless, and peaceful way to welcome our children. Cherie gave us the confidence and support to know I could achieve the experience of my dreams, my own personal Everest.”

“They will always be a part of this family because they helped build this family with their love!”

“I wish I would’ve known about this place for my first baby because the hospital was not the best place for us! I would recommend Birth and Women’s Center. The staff is very attentive and amazing, so different from a hospital. I can’t wait to come back again!”

How you approach birth is intimately connected with how you approach life.