Cherie Boucher, CNM

When a woman experiences Childbirth totally conscious and unmedicated she becomes a Mother of great power and strength. She realizes she can accomplish any task now matter how difficult or what demands are placed on her to achieve success. My mission is to support women in taking control of their lives and protect their babies from being exposed to unnecessary drugs that are commonplace in our society. Supporting fathers to become their wives “Doula” and main labor support, then catching their baby when it is born is a gift that will never be superseded by any other event in their lives. The bonding a couple experiences during the miracle of their baby’s birth will fortify them as a family unit as they become parents raising this new soul that has been given to them.

“Two hours and twenty minutes after waking up on my due date, I found out I was having undiagnosed twins. This was a surprise to say the least!  I birthed them naturally, but the second child who was breech had difficulties during delivery, and I was so very thankful that I had not had medication that may have affected my second baby. After that experience, I decided I wanted to become a childbirth educator, which later led me to become a midwife. My life’s work has brought great joy.”

To date, Cherie has attended thousands of births in her 30 years of practice. She has committed her life to providing women with a safe, nurturing environment where they may become mothers, and a supportive space where couples share in becoming families.

“I am very proud to offer you a level of experience and care, while attending your birth, that protects normal processes and detects complications or difficulties if they develop.  My main goal as your provider is the safety of you and your baby regardless of the location that your babies birth is completed. While I am the protector of the NORM I am also the protector of the abnormal if additional care is needed for your safety.”


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“The experience delivering our second child at this birth center was absolutely, hands down the best decision I’ve had in my life thus far, besides marriage and motherhood of course. 🙂 Cherie is AS AMAZING AS IT GETS. She is open, honest, empathetic, understanding, and MOST importantly, the most experienced medical professional I’ve ever had.”

“This was our last baby, and I am sad to not come back. We love the BWC & Cherie so much! Thank you for making our birth experiences safe, memorable, and so uniquely special.”

“[Our delivery] was earlier than expected, but thankful Cherie handled our situation professionally, and her experience and expertise saved our baby’s life.”

The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because it is you.