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Home Birth Midwifery Services!

Since 1993, more than 4,100 families have chosen Birth and Women’s Center
for safe, nurturing care.  Here are four easy steps to get started with us!

Step 1: Give us a call!

Are you a first-time mom interested in natural childbirth? Is water birth of interest to you? Did you have your first child in a hospital and would like to experience a home birth delivery for your second? We would love to hear your story, welcome you and answer any questions you may have about our prenatal, labor & delivery, and postpartum care.

Our home birth service captures the calm and loving essence of birth in your home, attended by a Certified Nurse Midwife. In the event a high-risk issue develops, you may be transferred to the hospital to complete your delivery.


Step 2: Schedule a Consultation

We offer a free consultation to determine if you are a candidate to deliver at them and to discuss the differences in seeking midwifery care versus standard hospital services.

Discussion topics include:

  • How to get started / transfer from a doctor
  • Differences of birth center, home and hospital birth
  • Childbirth education
  • Family concerns
  • Costs
Schedule a Consultation

Step 3: Complete Registration Paperwork

The final step in getting started with Birth & Women’s Center is to complete our registration paperwork. You may also click here to download registration paperwork.  Once you have completed the paperwork, please submit it via email to bwc@birthcenter.net.

Download Registration Form

Step 4: Attend Your First Appointment

We look forward to seeing you again! Please allow one hour for your first appointment, which will include:

  • Well-woman health exam
  • Evaluation of your baby’s well-being
  • Medical history review
  • Blood work
  • Pap test if indicated
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Psycho-social support
  • Exercise education
  • Review of transferred records (if applicable)

“My daughter had her first child at the Birth and Women’s Center…. I was extremely impressed with the professional, compassionate care given my daughter. Thank you from the bottom of this Grandmother’s heart!”

“This was our last baby, and I am sad to not come back. We love the BWC & Cherie so much! Thank you for making our birth experiences safe, memorable, and so uniquely special.”

“Excellent care before, during, and after the birth… They made me feel like my body was meant to birth babies rather than making the birth seem like an impossible, scary event. Just had my second birth with them!”

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