Your pregnancy journey should be supported with
love, kindness and a sense of empowerment.

The information and support you receive today will guide you into motherhood.

Your journey includes the following services:
• Prenatal care
• Nutritional Counseling
• Routine lab work
• 24-hour availability of a nurse-midwife
• Labor and delivery
• Immediate postpartum care
• Newborn exam
• Follow-up visit following delivery
• 6-week check-up following delivery
• Family planning

If complications develop in your pregnancy or delivery and it is determined
that the safest place to complete your care is with an M.D. in a hospital, you will
be transferred to a nearby hospital.

Prenatal Care

The nurse-midwife provides all prenatal care, unless it is necessary for you to consult a physician. Your visits, though seemingly routine, regularly assess the health of you and your baby and ensure that your pregnancy remains low-risk. You will not need to see a physician unless a medical concern develops.  Sonograms are not required unless a situation needs closer observation.

Your first visit will include:

  • Well woman health exam
  • Pap test if indicated
  • Medical history review
  • Blood work
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Psycho-social support
  • Exercise education
  • Evaluation of your baby’s well-being
  • Review of transferred records (if applicable)

Labor and Delivery

We view your birth as a family experience — equally important to the mother and father. Having a baby is a highly personal event. You may share it with whom you invite. Many fathers choose to help deliver their infants.

During labor, we evaluate your progress and offer emotional and physical support. You choose the position and place of delivery based on what is most comfortable. You may walk around, relax in water, sit in a chair, or do anything else that will help you maintain a maximum level of comfort. Very few women choose to labor in bed.

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PostPartum Care

Follow-up care begins immediately after the birth. Your nurse-midwife examines your newborn, provides advice on breastfeeding and infant care, and rejoices with you and your family.

An hour or two after birth, some fathers give their babies a Leboyer bath. This is not meant to clean the baby, but to allow the baby and father time to bond. In this bath, the infant feels the warmth and comfort previously found in the mother’s uterus.

Following the birth of your child, schedule a follow-up visit, as well as a 6 week visit.

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Well-Woman Care

Patient education is an important component of our well-woman exams. We offer instruction in breast self-examination and scheduling of mammograms, as indicated. We will help you to make healthy lifestyle decisions.

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Our midwifery care captures the loving essence of home birth. Your whole family may
be present, or you and your husband may choose to share the experience for yourselves. We honor the
emotional intimacy of birth in ways not seen in more traditional settings.

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The first day of your baby’s life will be the most important day of yours.
Ours was the first Dallas birth center to be staffed by Certified Nurse Midwives. To give birth
to your baby in it’s purest form, free of drugs that most mothers pass into the baby before
its birth, is an act of kindness and love that few infants are given at birth.

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We want to walk with you on your journey into motherhood supporting
and guiding you as a couple to experience the fullness and responsibility of becoming
parents of this newly given miracle.  It is our goal to help you become the
best parents your baby could ever have.

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“This is a sacred place! I cannot imagine bringing a child into the world in any other environment; there is no other place where I’ve felt such strength in being a woman as I have here.”

“I didn’t have an expectation going into it but after it was all said and done it ABSOLUTELY exceeded anything I thought was possible. I had several people checking on me and encouraging me – the women I’ve seen throughout my visits – and found a lot of comfort in that.”

“I walked and squatted and walked and squatted through the night until our son made his appearance at 4:02am. I experienced shoulder dystocia with my 8lb 12oz bundle of joy; Cherie’s quick response and expertise allowed me to deliver him without any major intervention or emergency. It is three months later and I still call the entire experience magical!”

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