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A Time to Share…

We are pleased to provide a collection of natural birth experiences that our families have shared, in addition to testimonials about their experiences with us.  Please take your time and enjoy reading the empowering and inspiring words from many of our families.

This is a sacred place! I cannot imagine bringing a child into the world in any other environment. There is no other place where I’ve felt such strength in being a woman as I have here, surrounded by loving, wise, experienced midwives and staff.

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From Father to Family…

At the Birth & Women’s Center, the Father-infant bond is honored as being just as important as the Mother’s. The father will be the protector of his child from this sacred day forward.

Fathers usually have limited participation when their babies are born in the hospital. When couples seek our care, we explain that Fathers are encouraged to be an active participant in their child’s birth by supporting the laboring mother, and even to help in the actual delivery of the baby.  When the day comes, the fathers have a look of profound astonishment; catching their baby has now become their greatest accomplishment.

An hour or two after birth, fathers may give their babies a Leboyer bath. This is not meant to clean the baby, but to allow the baby and father time to bond. In this bath, the infant feels the warmth and comfort previously found in the mother’s womb.

“The experience was more of a wave of emotions rushing over me all at once.  The actual catching happened much faster than I thought when suddenly I was told to get ready and out she came.  It was mind blowing and I could feel tears coming to my eyes as I just helped bring my daughter into the world.”

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