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Dr. Yolanda Lawson

MadeWells Obstetrics & Gynecology
3310 Live Oak St., #210
Dallas, TX 75204

Birth & Women's Center Linda Worzer

Linda Worzer, BMEd, IBCLC, RLC, AAHCC, CD (DONA)

Childbirth Education / Lactation Consultation / Doula Training & Referrals
Natural Beginnings
531 Stillmeadow Drive
Richardson, TX 75081
Natural Beginnings

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Stats at a Glance

Area hospitals report greater than 50 percent Cesarean rates and over 90 percent epidural rates.
Compare this to the mothers who achieve their goals of having unmedicated and uncomplicated births at the Birth & Women’s Center,


Families have given birth at the Center


Since 1993, 3,900 families have chosen to give birth at the Center.

7 - 10%

Hospital Transfer Rate


7 to 10 percent of mothers have been transferred to Baylor for physician care.

< 5%

Resulted in Cesarean


Of more than 3,900 Birth Center families, less than five percent have resulted in Cesarean birth.


Infant Transfers


Only one percent of newborns have been transferred to Baylor for special care.
“I have come to love the Birth and women’s center. The midwifes and birthing assistant were amazing during the entire pregnancy and labor. They worked extra hard during the labor to make sure my wife was well taken care of and as comfortable as possible.”
“I had an amazing birthing experience here at the Birth and Woman’s Center! The staff is very professional, all of the midwives are amazing. They are reliable when you need them even at 2:00 in the morning for that false alarm!”
“The best experience of my life. My son was born on 02-25-16, and had the love of my life pull him out! The best part is that I got to bond with my son seconds after delivery…”

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