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Birth & Women's Center
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by Tonya Mitchell on Birth & Women's Center

I've now had 6 babies here in this cozy place, and wish i would've known about it with my first child. It feels just like home and Cherie feels just like family. I'm so confident in giving birth with her by my side because I trust her. Everybody here treats me just like i am part of their own family. They're all warm and kind and terrific at doing what they do best...bringing more sweetness into the world. I tell everyone I meet about this place and I will never go anywhere else.

by caitlin on Birth & Women's Center

I highly recommend the Birth and Women's Center. They were very supportive and comforting even when things didn't go according to my plan. I always appreciated how much time they would spend with me each appointment if i needed it. My labor had to be kick started a little bit and i was so thankful that they had minimally invasive techniques to get things going and there was no drug intervention at all - we were able to use techniques that stimulated my body's own processes instead of artifical intervention. My labor and delivery were very smooth - i felt supported the entire time and like i had the freedom to do what my body needed. My entire experience with the Birth Center, from prenatal care through L&D and even postpartum, i felt both empowered and like i had the support i needed. I wouldn't have a baby anywhere else.

by Summer & Kristi Hall on Birth & Women's Center

We loved the Birth Center ! This isnt just another place to have a baby . This is a communtiy of women who guide you through pregancy and birth. I had a awesome birth and felt so safe and supported . I would never have a baby anywhere else , our baby came into the world in a calm loving enviroment . Thank you Ladies ill never forget any of you!

by Charlene & Simon on Birth & Women's Center

We had a great experience at the birth center with the entire team. Cherie and Christine did a great job of explaining and addressing all my concerns and questions during my pregnancy and birth. Even though I ended up having an emergency c-section due to my baby not been turned completely, I was welcomed back to the birth center afterwards. Cherie helped me with breastfeeding and my baby got her foot print on the wall which I thought was so cool. My husband and I choose to have natural birth because we wanted a stress free environment and somewhere we felt at home. We now have an extended family here at the birth center. I also loved meeting all the new moms, beautiful babies and having a support group.

by Noelia Hernandez on Birth & Women's Center

Our experience at Birth and Womens Center was absolutely incredible from the follow up appointments to the birth experience itself. The staff at this center is very knowlegable, kind and caring. If you are looking for the right team to coach you through your pregnancy, birth and post partum, this is the right place for you! Thank you for your support through this wonderful once in a lifetime experience!

by melissa walkup on Birth & Women's Center

I love Birth and Women's Center! We've had two children, both born at the center, and our experiences have been amazing. Attentive and knowledgeable prenatal care, and beautiful, memorable births. It's like our home away from home for all things pregnancy and baby!

by Michelle Galizia & Eric Dailey on Birth & Women's Center

Birth and Women's Center was the best decision we made for mom and baby. We simply would not have had this experience going to a hospital. Having the freedom to move throughout labor made the difference between being comfortable and miserable. Laying down in a hospital bed simply was not an option for us. The birth center is great at avoiding unnecessary interventions and managing pain naturally through movement and other tools so as to avoid medications. I highly recommend the birth center.

by kaytlin hadley on Birth & Women's Center

Couldn't recommend a better place to give birth. I had my first daughter here in 2014 and second daughter 2017. I couldn't be happier with the care I received both times.

by Melissa France on Birth & Women's Center

We cannot begin to express the wonderful experience that was provided by Cherie and the all the Birth and Women's Center team. From our first visit to our last, they treated us as family, not just patients. We are so grateful for their guidance and care that made us parents, and a happy family.

by Maegan and Laken on Birth & Women's Center

We could not recommend a better place or experience for giving birth. Each visit felt personalized for myself and baby. Christine and Cherie were both very attentive and listened to every concern I had. For the birthing experience, Christine was amazing! I could not have asked for a better place or way to bring our bundle of joy into the world.

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